frequently asked questions about candycakepop cakes
What are cake pops?
Cake pops are 3-4 bites of deliciously moist cake coated in candy and scrumptious toppings. The average cake pop is the size of a golf ball, though the character and holiday pops are usually larger. Heaven on a stick.
How long do they last?
Our cake pops last 5-7 days at room temperature. They can be frozen for up to 3 weeks (although it is not advised). Just let them defrost until they reach room temperature. Each cake pop is individually wrapped for maximum freshness. Pops must be stored in a dry & cool place, just like chocolate.
When should I place my order?
For orders of 1-6 dozen, we require 3 business days notice, and for orders of 6+ dozen we require 14 business days notice. For all orders, we ask that you send in your request appropriately keeping in mind the date you need your cake pops to arrive. Any order received with less than 7 business days notice is considered a Rush Order and is subject to a 15% surcharge.
How are the cake pops packaged?
Cake pops are individually wrapped packaged with a clear cellophane bag and sealed with a metallic twist tie. Shipping orders are protected in bubble wrap to protect the cake pops from breaking. Both shipping & delivery orders are wrapped with tissue paper and placed in a box.
How many cake pops do I order for my event?
We usually recommend 1-2 cake pops per person for any event. Many of our regular clients have mentioned that the cake pops are always a hit and tend to order 2 per person. What can we say... 1 cake pop is never enough!
Do I get a discount for large orders?
Yes! Please contact us to discuss. Also please do not ask for discounts on orders of less than 100 cake pops.
How to order
All our cake pops are hand made-to-order. To ensure freshness, we require a minimum of 3 days notice from the time an order is placed to shipment/collection. Email us your requirements and we will reply within 24 hours (excluding weekends).